I've been guiding and fixing for wildlife film crews for ten years now in Southern and East Africa mainly in Mozambique. I'm based in the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. I specialize in Wildlife, Birds, Reptiles, Rivers systems, Wetlands, Deltas, Mountains, Rain Forest, Lowland Forest, Rural African Culture and the Mozambique coast. I am African born with a lot of experience and can provide you with great filming opportunities. Films I've worked on as a fixer Include Africa's Lost Eden National Geographic and the BBC Africa series. Please email me for your enquiries and a copy of my CV and past projects.

Services Include Locations Scouting, Locations Managing, Locations Guiding, Logistics, 4x4 hire, Boat hire, Film permits, Importation of equipment through Customs, Translation, Provide small mobile and bigger luxury camps completely catered and staffed by me, Modified Film and support Vehicles, Security and negotiations whilst filming, Set up Aerial filming from a variety of Aircraft, Organize Hotel and Lodge bookings, Research, Organize meetings with local experts, Chiefs and community leaders, Setting up camera Hides and the manufacture of props and sets.

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