The Bazaruto National Park was inaugurated in 1971, an archipelago of five islands Bazaruto, Bengueera, Margaruque, Bangue and Santa Carolina. The park was created to protect Dugong and Marine mega fauna. The islands flora and fauna, coral reefs and marine birds were also included in the park. The islands have a lush tropical climate and include huge dunes, dense coastal forest and fresh water lakes and wetlands. They host several endemic terrestrial gastropods and lizards. They also host important aggregations of migrant water birds. The rich variety of marine mega fauna includes Humpback whales, Whale Sharks, Giant Manta Rays, Dugongs, Moray Eels, Turtles, Spinner, Humpback and Common Dolphins. BANP gives protection to the largest and only remaining viable population of Dugongs in the Western Indian Ocean. The coral reefs are varied and said to be the least disturbed in this part of the Indian Ocean.