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Vilanculos Canoe Safari Govuro Inlad Delta Wetlands & Waterways



Jonathan Kyle Retzlaff started the Eco Canoeing Safaris in 2013 in the Govuro wetlands and waterways 30 km west of Vilanculos.



It’s a sustainable eco-tourism joint venture with a local fisherman aimed at protecting the waterways of the Govuro inland delta.

Kyle picks up clients from Vilanculos and drives them 30 km into the wetlands for the two-hour canoe safari.


“The Wetlands are an amazing place, full of birdlife and small aquatic animals that need to be protected. We’re trying our best,” Retzlaff says.

Govuro Spring River Eco-Canoeing currently offers either morning or evening canoe tours in traditional two-man Canadian canoes on the Govuro Spring River.

The Govuro Spring River is an inland delta 20 to 30 km across and is not connected to the sea. It has crystal-clear water and abundant bird life, including the Black Crake, Purple Gallinule, African Darter, River Warblers, Pygmy Geese, Kingfishers, Jacanas, Cormorants, Eagles and Herons. The river is full of African water lilies and aquatic animals similar to those found in the Okavango Delta In Botswana. In the evening, it abounds with Fireflies.

A taxi picks clients up from their accommodation and drives you the 30 km to the river where you start your tour. The actual time spent canoeing is 2 hours. There are refreshments and snacks on the tour and drinking water and life jackets are available.

After the canoe safari, clients are driven back to Vilanculos. Tours take three to four hours in total.

Times are seasonal and need to be confirmed on booking. Departure times in the mornings are normally 7.30 to 8.00 AM, 4.00 PM in the afternoons. Earlier pick-ups in the morning are available on request.

Cost depends on numbers with a minimum of two adults needed, usually 3,600 Mts or US$50 dollars per person including all transfers, drinks and snacks. Children under twelve are half-price and discounts are available for large groups.

Remember to take sun cream, sun hats, sun glasses, camera, binoculars, Go Pro, shorts and flip flops.


For more info contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Source: Vilanculos Eco Canoeing Safaris

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