1. Whale shark diving allows you the opportunity to leap into the ocean with your goggles and snorkel and swim alongside one of these massive creatures.
2. Undeveloped Islands can be spotted in the distance and can be explored from top to bottom with the local guides.
3. Fresh Seafood is available along the coastal towns around lunch time everyday once the fisherman decides it is time to sell what they caught.
4. Pristine Beaches will take your breath away upon arrival, begged to be walked on and waves waiting to be surfed.
5. Dhow Boats are the local boats that can be used to get from island to island or they are also used as fishing boats for the locals.
6. Various Activities are on offer, such as snorkelling, surfing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, relaxing, quad biking and many more.
7. Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of 6 islands around the town of Vilankulous. One can take a dhow out to one of the islands where you can spend some time snorkelling and catching the sun’s rays.
8. Bustling and colourful markets can be found all over in Mozambique – Some very small, others very large. They have smaller markets which sell fish, fruit and vegetables, while some other sell clothes, cashew nuts and the famous tipo tinto rum.
9. The vibrant mix of African, Portuguese and Arab cultures which gives the country a fascinating ambience of the tropics and Mediterranean.
10. If you feel you need a holiday, Mozambique is the destination to go – You will leave relaxed, tanned and ready for anything.

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